Solar power

You own your house, why not your power?  Energy produced from the Sun enables the home and business owner to take their Power into their own hands.  Find out how easy it is to install your own personal power plant.

EV charging

Take your 120V trickle charge that came with your Electric Vehicle to the next level.  Pair a new 240V charger with the power of the sun and see how far you and your family can go.

Home automation

Smart Home technology is giving the homeowner the knowledge and control to manage their domain.  Increase your comfort, your peace of mind and your savings.

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Energy storage

Energy Storage systems are not just batteries for emergency situations.  Now paired with solar they have the ability to further isolate you and yours from the Utility.  Find out how.

Installation Gallery

Our Clients are proud of the commitment to the Environment and Community they have made.  Check out some of the newest personal power plants that have come online in your community.


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