The Next Step


With grid outages from infrastructure work and natural disasters, to the Utilities struggling to maintain their dominance in the business they once monopolized there is a solution to it all.  Integrating energy storage with a new or exisiting solar system is not only peace of mind for future grid outages it is also an investment in your personal power plant. 

What has changed?

Battery technology has advanced since the days of the early adopters.  The standard has gone from Lead acid to Lithium Ion, the power and energy capacity has increased exponentially, the physical size has shrunken and the cost has come way down. 

Load shifting?

Load shifting turns your energy storage system from a back up system to an investment that pays for itself.  When a client has solar, their excess power is exported to the grid and at night they rely on the grid.  With energy storage, instead of exporting the extra solar energy to the grid it stays onsite to charge the batteries.  At night when the sun has gone down instead of using the grid power the energy storage system discharges to keep the house running, free from grid consumption.

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