What can the Sun do for you?


Santa Barbara is blessed to have a Mediterranean climate that provides ideal temperatures year long with sunny days to fill with activities.  The sun in Santa Barbara is powerful and has let its residents capture its power to provide electricity for their homes and businesses and recently their cars!

How does it work?

Our Project Managers come to your residence or business and design custom systems that produce just the right amount of energy for your family or business.  With the goal of maximizing the Sun's power to offset your buildings usage you can be confident that you will never be oversold, or your expectations misled.

What are the financial benefits?

  • Increased home value, according to an extensive study done by the Berkeley Lab, an average of $4 per installed Watt when the house was sold. 
  • Dollar for dollar, 30% Federal tax CREDIT on your tax liability.  This credit can be partially claimed and transferred to the coming years until it is used.
  • Lower electric bill.

How much does it cost?

Great question, hard to answer without being on site.  The beauty of going with Action Energy is you WILL get a free site visit!  The big solar chains have moved away from the site visit and rely solely on satellite imagery to generate a price.  This is dangerous and what ultimately leads to their poor reviews. 

Here at Action Energy we don't have a pushy sales team, we have experienced Project Managers that preform site visits, design custom systems and install them for the agreed upon price.  No surprises, top quality work, and one point of contact through the whole process.